ATS Global B.V. is pleased to announce that Helion will join forces with the ATS Teconomy Division to form an Application Packaging & Virtualization business of significant size. Combined teams will be able to tackle much larger projects and internationalize faster. ATS Teconomy is an Expert Division of ATS Global and specialises in the rapid deployment of new software packages through a laser sharp focus on application packaging & virtualisation. Helion’s team adds some seriously good expertise to the expanded division as well as their Package Flow system. For customers in The Netherlands this new expertise group can deliver fast, flexible and secure services from the smallest to the largest project.

Wobbe Storms and Marco van Oldeniel, joint managers at ATS Teconomy welcomed the new acquisition “We have long seen the potential for the top players in our market working together. It makes it possible for us to invest in new software to rapidly develop the emerging market for application packaging and virtualisation. We cannot wait to work with our new colleagues to achieve some long-held ambitions, time to make it happen!”

Bas Broeren and Erwin Sanders are the current owners of Helion. They explained “We could have continued happily for many years as in independent company but we both saw the merger with ATS Teconomy as an opportunity not to be missed. From a personal view, it gives us the chance to bring our profession to a new level and critically to be able to internationalise through the ATS Global subsidiaries world-wide.”

Bas Broeren and Erwin Sanders will remain with ATS Teconomy in executive roles alongside Wobbe Storms and Marco van Oldeniel, with Bas leading the integration team. The two companies will merge on 1 January 2018.

In a welcoming statement ATS’s CEO Paul Bron said “Our global customer base is going to feel the impact of ATS Teconomy. Our customers are facing an unprecedented level of change with the introduction of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Our customers can face the challenge of change in their IT and OT (Operational Technology) systems with the confidence of being supported by the best expert team in the business, the race is on!”

Helion bundelt krachten met ATS Teconomy

Helion joins forces with ATS Teconomy.
From left to right: Marco van Oldeniel (ATS Teconomy); Erwin Sanders & Bas Broeren (Helion); Mike James & Ron Vegter & Paul Bron (ATS Global)