Financial Institutions

We migrate applications within the financial sector on a daily basis and have experience with projects at most insurers, pension funds and banks.

  • The most important feature of any financial institution is that its customers know that all their details are safely stored and accessible only to authorized parties. This feature is expressed by a highly structured environment, within which there is absolute certainty over the reliability of the personnel and the software or hardware used.
  • This feature is also very important when migrating applications and their associated data. This data must be handled extremely carefully and it is important to remember that each change can have a big impact on the business.
  • Our employees are aware of the importance of trust and abide strictly by the rules. We document everything extensively and in detail, but are aware that it must not contain any sensitive information. Information is sent solely via the internal, secure company network and the means provided for this purpose.
  • All of our employees hold a valid Statement of Conduct, which shows that their past behavior does not give rise to any objections to the fulfilment of a specific task.
  • Larger financial institutions are usually subdivided into many departments, some of which work closely with each other while others are more independent.
  • Each department has its own budget to manage in a financial year, which has been cut substantially over the years. This increases the pressure at work, meaning that application owners often have little time to support intakes. It is therefore up to us to plan the intake process as well as possible. Our recommendation is always to work with an intake team for each department.
  • The financial sector is aware that its specialization lies in the financial economy and that IT is in many instances outsourced to a party which for its part specializes in ICT infrastructure.
  • ATS Teconomy is a specialist in the field of application migration and is well informed in the technical implementation of the functional requirements of the customer, within the ICT infrastructure of its ICT service provider.
  • We literally live in a 24×7 economy, where market function often goes hand in hand with new obligations that emanate from the law and legislation. We are expected to make adjustments quickly and correctly with a high degree of availability. If necessary, we also work during off-peak hours to ensure minimal impact on the organization.
  • Within the financial sector, we often have to deal with a Microsoft front-end, within which SCCM and Ivanti WorkSpace Manager offer the applications on a Windows workspace or server. When offices are spread across several locations, it is often preferable to offer virtual applications (App-V) in a Citrix environment. In addition, the back-end consists of a wider environment that utilizes both Windows and Unix servers.