ATS Teconomy Academy

We work in a dynamic environment. We also do everything possible to keep the specialist knowledge and skills of our employees up to date. At the ATS Teconomy Academy, we offer a wide range of training courses and workshops.

Advantages of our academy

  • If you opt for a customized training course, you can rest assured that it will focus on the questions, requirements and needs of your own organization.

  • The training will be aimed at your company’s specific industry and the specific activities of your employees.

  • You determine the timing and duration of the training yourself. If the training is held on your premises, then you also save on travel time and costs.

  • At the end of the training, your employees will be able to put what they learned to use in their day-to-day work.

  • Customized training is therefore always an effective and efficient way of training.

Training courses in 2019/2020:

  • ATSTEC Microsoft App-V (basic & advanced)

  • ATSTEC VMWare ThinApp (basic & advanced)

  • ATSTEC MSI (basic & advanced)

  • ATSTEC MSIX (basic & advanced)

  • ATSTEC AppLayering (Citrix & VMWare)

  • ATSTEC packaging with PACE Suite

  • ATSTEC packaging Office365

  • ATSTEC PowerShell Essentials & VBScript

  • ATSTEC Ivanti Workspace

  • ATSTEC Microsoft Intune on Azure

  • ATSTEC deployment with SCCM (3 courses)