Why? What? How?

Module 4

Managed Services

Let people focus and concentrate on their core tasks Latest application versions available through DTAP Continuous monitoring and upgrades of your Liquit Workspace

Module 3


Fast and simple deployment of applications Ready to use specific industry bundles, unlimited customer requests ATS application store and highly experienced consultants

Module 2

Workspace PoC

Hands-on experience with a unified workspace

Includes package bundles

Basic PoC (10 apps)

Customer choice (5 apps)

Implement the Liquit Workspace for your end users

Module 1

Workspace Licensing

Workspace for every application, every platform, every user Integration of public, private and personal clouds Liquit as low-cost solution for every type of customer or industry

Liquit Workspace Licensing

  • Single point of access to all IT resources
  • Bridging the gap between legacy and cloud
  • Simplify lifecycle management to 3 simple clicks
  • One unified Workspace for end-users and admins
  • Unified experience for personal, private and public clouds
  • Simplicity, ease of deployment, lean and mean

Workspace Proof of Concept

  • We implement our standard ATS designed PoC
  • Dedicated highly trained consultants at your service(including training  your IT Staff on the Job)
  • Choose 10 applications from the ATS application store
  • Choose 5 of your core applications
  • We configure the environment for your specific needs
  • 30 days support and use after implementation

Liquit Packaging

  • ATS Teconomy has more than 70 packaging consultants building Liquit packages
  • Our basic packaging bundle consists of 50 commonly used apps including updates
  • We have many branch specific bundles (20 apps) like Municipality, Hospital, Banking & Insurance, Energy, Education
  • We package and service all your other (legacy) applications

Liquit Managed Services

  • Let us manage and monitor your Liquit environment, we do your daily job
  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies and act immediately
  • Roll-out of new Liquit versions and application updates in your environment (DTAP)
  • Collaboration between our Liquit consultants and your IT-Staff to give your users quick and high-level support
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly meetings