Our History

ATS Teconomy has been combined by ATS Global, who have been acquired and merged 3 companies.

Teconomy was established in 2005 (arose from Reliance Consulting, through a management buy-out) and is specialized in Application Packaging and, in particular, in the field of On Site Support. In 2006, Helion IT was founded with the goal to make Enterprise knowledge available to the SME sector. As of 2010 Helion IT has been focused on Application Packaging, particularly in the area of managed services. In 2010, Helion CS was founded to start as a Cloud services provider.

In 2016, Teconomy has been taken over by ATS Global, to enlarge and secure their position in the field of Application management. In 2018, Helion IT and Helion CS were acquired by ATS Global and merged with ATS Teconomy.

Nowadays ATS Teconomy (as an Expert Division within ATS Global) can continue to grow as a specialist in the field of software Application Management, and it will be ATS Teconomy is to be able to further develop as a provider of Cloud-based services, including the new one with a new brand name, CloudNXT.