Government / Public Bodies

Every day, we migrate applications within public bodies and have experience of projects at ministries, provinces, municipalities, water boards and others.

  • A great deal of consolidation has taken place at government level in recent years. For example, many municipalities have been merged and sub-municipalities are required to make use of a single centralized ICT system.
  • Ministries are also making increased use of a single centralized ICT system. The result is a complex environment, often with multiple domains and an application landscape with multiple versions of a single package.
  • We often have to deal with customized applications when working in the government sector. These applications can include the following: Key2, GBA, ArcGIS, eDocsd, DOMUS, BentleyView and KOFAX. We also come across outdated software for which the supplier no longer providers any support.
  • Experience of getting these applications working is extremely important. Teconomy is a specialist in the field of application migration in the government sector.
  • The government has a lot of information that needs to be dealt with confidentially. Very important in this respect is the migration of applications and the associated data. This data must be handled with extreme vigilance.
  • It is important for our customers to be safe in the knowledge that all information is stored securely and accessible only to authorized parties. We document everything extensively and in detail, but are aware that this must not contain any sensitive information. Information is sent solely via the internal, secure company network and the means provided for this purpose.
  • All of our employees hold a valid Statement of Conduct, which shows that their past behavior does not give rise to any objections to the fulfilment of a specific task.
  • We see improvements in the government sector each year. The environment often used to be unstructured, chaotic and devoid of purpose. Nowadays, we are seeing increasing improvements and above all how the effect of overarching policy in this specific environment has been truly exceptional.
  • Processes raise their heads in every environment. Generally speaking, IT processes aim at supplying technical matters of good quality and yet efficiently, but this certainly didn’t use to be the case. The government has made huge strides in some years by reviewing all processes and returning them to the core of ITIL by filtering out unnecessary processes that were primarily there for process satisfaction.
  • The notion that application software ‘would ever be created‘ no longer exists. Where the focus used to primarily be on the operating system (OS), there is now an efficient process. Teconomy can provide support with this.