Standardised Business Application Access

Liquit Workspace provides end users with a simple to use interface that has a familiar look and feel, using icons and menu options that are instantly recognizable, regardless of the device or platform the end user happens to be using at the time.

Application icons are displayed via a customizable web portal that allows a user to create their own look and feel, as well as removing the complexity around the delivery method of the application.

Import Existing Application Packages

Migrating to a Liquit Workspace is effortless. Using the import tool designed by ATS Teconomy and Liquit, you’ll have uniform configuration of all your uploaded packages with no manual actions required.

The import tool will upload all applications within your packages, create the required shortcuts, add icons and perform all required configuration. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the risk of manual errors.

A Planned Implementation

Start with a Proof of Concept to experience how different platforms can be brought together fast and easy. Or if you are already a Liquit user, get to know our professional applications packaging, virtualization and scripting services.

The ATS Application store also offers ready-to-use applications for your branch. In addition, we can unburden your IT staff by taking over Liquit management tasks partially or completely, allowing you to keep focus on core business activities.

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    Liquit Workspace Licensing

    • Single point of access to all IT resources
    • Bridging the gap between legacy and cloud
    • Simplify lifecycle management to 3 simple clicks
    • One unified Workspace for end-users and admins
    • Unified experience for personal, private and public clouds
    • Simplicity, ease of deployment, lean and mean

    Workspace Proof of Concept

    • We implement our standard ATS designed PoC
    • Dedicated highly trained consultants at your service(including training  your IT Staff on the Job)
    • Choose 10 applications from the ATS application store
    • Choose 5 of your core applications
    • We configure the environment for your specific needs
    • 30 days support and use after implementation

    Liquit Packaging

    • ATS Teconomy has more than 70 packaging consultants building Liquit packages
    • Our basic packaging bundle consists of 50 commonly used apps including updates
    • We have many branch specific bundles (20 apps) like Municipality, Hospital, Banking & Insurance, Energy, Education
    • We package and service all your other (legacy) applications

    Liquit Managed Services

    • Let us manage and monitor your Liquit environment, we do your daily job
    • 24/7 support in case of emergencies and act immediately
    • Roll-out of new Liquit versions and application updates in your environment (DTAP)
    • Collaboration between our Liquit consultants and your IT-Staff to give your users quick and high-level support
    • Monthly reporting and quarterly meetings